How to think big and unlock creative power

The Story of the Wave on the Ocean

The Secret to Thinking Bigger,

Unlocking Creative Power 

and Knowing Who You Are


The Secret of Success is Knowing Who You Are

We are all waves on the ocean. When we leave the surface of our conscious thoughts and dive deep into the depths of our consciousness we can see that we are all connected, we are all part of the ONE ocean. This ocean has been called by many names: the universe, energy, God, I AM, existence, consciousness and many more. In the analogy of the ocean, the wave is only aware of being on the surface and feels like a separate individual. It does not realize that its true identity is connected to and one with the entire ocean. This secret remains hidden to the wave and it also remains hidden deep within the soul of humankind. Read More …

The secret to achieving dreams and overcoming obstacles

The Secret to Achieving Dreams and Overcoming Obstacles:

The Struggle is the Answer.

How your pain can transform you into the person your heart longs to be

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a great musician. When I was thirteen years old I remember the exact moment that I realized this. I was sitting on my bed, playing guitar and felt a deep, quiet voice within telling me that it was my purpose to inspire people with a message and to share that message through music. The experience felt like having a “vision” of a future that was destined to come true. The feeling was so strong, it seemed absolutely clear to me at that moment that this was my destiny… music was what I was meant to do. Read More …

The Power of being vulnerable

The power of being vulnerable

Why the secret of success is often about sharing the parts of ourselves that we are most afraid of.

The part of you that you want to keep secret is often the most interesting part and it’s usually the part of you that defines you and makes you unique. It’s the part we all want to know about and it’s also the part that you are most likely hiding from yourself. Sharing your vulnerability creates connection and connection is the beginning of all success in the world. No business or artist can be successful without first inspiring and connecting with others. Read More …

What path will inspire your soul?

What is your soul calling you to do?

How do we find freedom, go beyond our limitations and fulfill our purpose in life? Understanding who you are is the key. Through deep inner exploration we can come to know our selves and the power that we have to create and manifest the life experiences that we desire. To explore, to express and to love – this is the calling of the soul. Read More …

The story of the Lion who thought he was a goat…

The Lion who thought he was a goat

There is a powerful story from the Upanishads about a lion cub who forgets his true identity. You see, when he was just a baby, his mother was taken by a hunter and he was left all alone. Seeing the poor lion cub and having pity on him, a group of goats took him in and raised him as one of their own. As he didn’t know any better, the lion cub believed that he was a goat, but in time, as he grew, he felt something stirring in him.  He tried to push this feeling away and continue to live as a goat, but it was not his true nature and the feeling of unease grew within him as time went on. Read More …

Sitar & Classical Indian Music


Welcome to my first blog post on Classical Indian Music. My purpose here is to give some insight into the sitar as well as the profound and ancient music of India.  I am a humble student of this great art form, still learning, so I look to the masters for their grace and guidance as I humbly share what I have learned so far in my journey.  I will provide some examples from my own playing and in future posts I will look at specific ragas and delve into the details of their theory and emotional impact.  Welcome!  Let the journey into raga music begin. Read More …